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Wrigleprint’s embroidery saves team training kit from being binned

A customer turned up at our HQ with a bag full of training kit printed elsewhere.

After a conversation with our MD about the catalogue of issues experienced, from print coming off after the first wash, then returning the garments to have them recovered, for the same thing to happen again, it was clear we would have our work cut out to save the day.

“Having ran youth football teams in the past, knowing how hard it is to find sponsors and the expense of purchasing kit, this was something we really wanted to help with, especially listening to all the issues the customer had experienced from the other supplier” Scott, MD Wrigleprint.

We wanted to do the very best we could to rectify the problem and it was clear it would need to be covered with embroidery to save the garments. We got to work using our knowledge and experience and the results exceeded the customer expectations! Our customer and their sponsor where thrilled to bits with the result. Prior to visiting us they thought the only option would be binning the garments and that coming to us was a long shot.

Not only had we saved the garments we had created a piece of detailed embroidery art!

Specialising in team and workwear branding, printed and embroidered,

shipping nationwide, can we help you?


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