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Team Wrigleprint visited the flight simulator at the Air & Space Institute (ASI) Newark.

A great time had by team Wrigleprint at the ASI Newark as our team took turns not only flying, but taking off and landing (failing miserably!) on the state of the art flight simulator.

Mimicking a real life cockpit with all the controls you would expect, the flight simulator is used for would be pilots to get their training hours in and hone their skills before flying for real. Then along came Team Wrigleprint!

The first to take the controls was Rosa, our embroidery and shop floor technician. Getting off to a good start and getting praise from instructor Jim “You’ve done this before haven’t you?” Keeping the controls steady and maintaining a good line. Then came the landing!

We won’t say any more on that….

Next on the controls was Vanessa, our top weeding and t shirt printer. A very over confident take off from Vanessa, just making the plane take off before we ended up in a field, it was full throttle and was more like a NASA rocket launch than an aircraft take off as we headed for the stars!!

Once Jim had a word in her ear it was back to earths orbit and a steady fly around. Then came the landing…a bit like Cougar from Top gun however Cougar managed to land and we ended up crashing.

Then it was time for our MD Scott to jump in the cockpit. Not a bad take off which led to a steady fly around Italy, as we had taken off from Corsica. Having kept the aircraft nice and steady, with guidance from Jim it was time for a loop the loop, before getting us back the right way round and back on course!!

It was then time to stitch up our MD, turning off one of the engines!

Landing time came and like the previous two it was crash and burn. The landing element is not easy at all.

It was great to take part and we are really lucky to have such a great piece of kit in our town. Our team throughly enjoyed it.

Our thanks to Penny for the invite and Jim the flight simulator instructor for your time and hospitality. We can’t wait to come back!


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