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All orders will be delivered to your school, club or business. Please await email confirmation to let you know when they are ready to collect.
If you need something urgently please email and we will try to accommodate.

Highfields School Bespoke Made Blazer 13/14 yrs

Highfields School Bespoke Made Blazer 13/14 yrs


Blazers are curently made to order and will carry limited stock. please be mindful if you require a new blazer of this, remebering to order with plenty of time before a new academic year starts. 

We have currently ordered in a range of sizes and will be us with by June. This unfortunately is out of our control, as everything from the material to the design and product make up is all specially made to order. The waiting time on these are due to factory time allocatoin and fitting on the next shipping container. We have been reassured by the supplier that this is an usual waiting time and is normally 6-8 weeks. We will make sure towards the end of the year that we have enough in stock to fulfil requirement. 

Any other queries on this please email 

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